1980 Western Bore Drill
-Mounted on Ford Louisville
-Large diameter boreholes to 40” and depths of 100 ft.
-24” bucket
-36” bucket
-Hydraulics driven on deck engine

T70W Top Head Drive Rotary Drill
-Shallow gas/deep water well combo
-Equipped with PTO driven hydraulics
-Top Head Drive
-Breakout tongs
-Water injection
-3”x4 mission centrifugal
-70,000 lbs. hoist capacity
-Capacity of 3000 feet

(2) 2008 V-100 NG Versa Drill
-Mounted on Peter built 6×6 (all wheel drive)
-Equipped with PTO driven hydraulics
-6×8 gardner denver mud
-500 cfm/200 psi air compressor
-40,000 lbs pullback
-18,000lbs pulldown
-1200ft capacity
-Two speed top head

5 Ton Smeal Pump Hoist
-Equipped with 5 Kilowatt Generator Set
-10,000 lbs hoist capacity
-Fully tooled for pump testing, pump installations and removal
-Remote control operated

14T Crane Truck
-Equipped with 20ft bed
-14,000 lbs hoist capability
-Remote control operated

(4) 1986 – 2001 Diesel Tandem Axle Trucks
-Equipped with 3600 gallon water tanks
-PTO driven water pumps

(2) 2008 3500 Flat Tank – mounted on 2001 sterling tandems
-25ft deck
-PTO hydraulic operated water pumps

(2) 1975 Gasoline Trucks
-Equipped with 1500 gallon water tanks

(5) 1 Ton 4 wheel Drive Service Tool Truck Units

1800 Gallon Fuel Truck

(2) Portable Work Shop Vans

(6) Electric Logging and Gamma Logging Units

2” Down Hole Camera (for inspection of wells)
-500ft capacity
-Black and white


(3) Gardner Denver 920 CFM @ 200 PSI Compressors
-Powered by 12V-71 Detroit

Gardner Denver Booster
-Compliments the above compressors
-Increases operating pressure 1200 PSI
-Powered by a 12V-71 Detroit Diesel
-Skid mount

Sullair Skid mtd. Air Compressor
-Rated 750 CFM @ 250 PSI
-Powered by a 3406 Cat

Schramm Skid mtd. Air Compressor
-Rated 850 CFM @ 350 PSI
-Powered by a 8V-92T Detroit Diesel

Triplex Water Pump Injector
-1300 PSI @ 52 liters per minute
-800 gallon tank
-Skid mounted
-Powered by a 371 Detroit Diesel

Portable Mud Pump
-7×10 ¼ Wheatley mud duplex pump
-Skid mounted
-Powered by a 6V92 Detroit Diesel

Tridem Trailer Mount (53 ft. long)
-D-300 mud duplex pump with 4000 gal mud tank & shaker mud cleaners
-Twin 6N71 power
-Used with Dresser T70W Drilling Equipment


4 Inch Air Swivel
-4 inch reverse circulator (CSR)
-Dual wall drill stem
-Cyclone Sampler
-Overburden and Bedrock drill bits

5 Inch Air Swivel
-5 inch reverse circulator (CSR)
-Dual wall drill stem

1262 Wellen Drill through casing driver
-Will drive casing from 6” to 20” in overburden, this unit is drill mounted and removable
-Suited for rough overburden or pile holes

(2) 360 Down-hole Hammers
-Complete with bits ranging from 6” to 8”

(2) SD-12 Mission Down-hole Hammers
-Handles bit sizes from 12” to 17 ½”

D7 E Cat with Winch & Blade

Trojan Tree Grapple with Bucket

-With bucket and forks

256 Versetielle Tractor with Bucket

(2) HQ core barrels bits complete with wire line drill string
-Set up for hard rock as well as glacial tills

Reverse Water Circulator
-Complete package with 8” diameter drill pipe for reverse water circulation

1980 Cessna 207 single engine aircraft

(2) 45 Foot Tardem Hi boys

1985 LTL 9000 Tractor with 5th Wheel

1997 Freightliner Tractor Unit with 5th Wheel

2001 Volvo Tractor Unit with 5th Wheel